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Artist Biography

The small town of Siem Reap – which provides access to the temples of Angkor – is crossed by a long canal on which around twenty bridges have been built, most of them wooden. In recent years and due to the transformations of the city which wants to adapt more and more to the tourist flow, some have been destroyed and replaced by concrete bridges to allow cars to use them. Baty Morokot documented, calmly and in color, the permanent activity on these old bridges, which are essential to everyone, used by both pedestrians and motorbikes.

Born in 1986 in Siem Reap where she lives and works, she practices painting first and foremost. Her volunteer work in his community is inspired as much by her observation of daily life, nature and culture. She uses painting as a way to explore memories, a new perspective on these ordinary objects and everyday life situations.

She joined Artcation in Chhlong, a workshop program designed for Relais guests and local children, Kratie (2021), she attended the photography workshop led by Sovan Philong, Siem Reap (2019). She graduated from Build Bright University in the field of Accounting and Finance (2007).

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