Hou Sokratana (David James)


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Artist Biography

To evoke and visualize the disasters caused by the proliferation of plastic which ultimately ends up in the oceans and has serious effects on fauna, but also on underwater flora, Hou Sokratana (David James) chose the metaphor and compose a little tragic tale. We can see, under a beautiful light, the ballet of the fish, free, then little by little they find themselves confronted with plastic – transparent and therefore barely visible – and are enclosed. Without excessive dramatization a sorry observation to mobilize against this dramatic pollution.

Born in 1982 in Siem Reap, Hou Sokratana (David James) first learned how to draw picture at Color Cambodia, then followed an introductory photography course in 2011 before obtaining his bachelor’s degree Civil Engineering. Also practicing sculpture, which he has exhibited on several occasions, he completed his training in photography by following the workshop given by Philong Sovan in 2019. Since 2003, he is also a Tour Guide for Japanese tourists.

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