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Founded in 1999, art nOmad is a mobile performative art structure based in Arnac-la-Poste, a rural commune in France which based on a custom-built vehicle since 2005: the nOmad art vehicle (or "Van"), modular sculpture and pioneer, in France, of traveling contemporary art equipment.

Art nOmad is an artistic and experimental project in constant evolution, led by Clorinde Coranotto (assisted by Aurélie Verlhac, her accomplice) and nourished by meetings and co-constructed operations with artists, art school students, curators, art historians and critics, authors, researchers, technicians, teachers, institutions… and participating any kind of audiences.

In 2021, during the 3rd nOmad art Triennale, “nattes-nappes”, the guest “performative” curator Valentin Rodriguez (director of the French Institute of Cambodia) chose to draw a double route: one in the West in 2021, the 'other in the Far East in 2023.

For the first moment in France, a major exhibition presented numerous artists from the Cambodian art scene. Works were presented by a whole team in and around the nOmad art vehicle in France. It is in echo of its theme that Clorinde Coranotto (author of this traveling contemporary art triennial) worked on the body of the truck by covering it with a collage of digital photos printed on adhesive paper. She also suggested that Véronique Framery – alias MissV – participate in this adventure as part of an onboard residency during which she produced a set of pinhole photos.

In Phnom Penh, Clorinde Coranotto, continuing the series of “her truck skins” started in 2005, will this time cover a tuk-tuk by cutting out patterns from the “Tuk-tuk skins” series printed on self-adhesive paper. She may (if conditions permit) invite the public to participate in this action during a workshop session entitled: “Fais-ta-peau-de-tuk-tuk”.

As she did for the first step of the Triennale in France, she will photograph the rest of this adventure, which will take place in Cambodia.

MissV will follow Clorinde Coranotto in her roaming, transform her tuk-tuk into a pinhole camera and photograph the public using this photographic vehicle in order to remember the permanent transformation of this changing vehicle.

Born in 1967, Clorinde Coranotto founded art nOmad in 1999, a mobile performative art structure in Arnac-la-Poste, a small rural town in the heart of France. Practicing a contact art, this visual artist created the nOmad art vehicle in 2005, both performative sculpture and pioneer of traveling contemporary art devices – a vehicle whose bodywork becomes the basis on which she stretches new skins. After multiple shared experiences, in 2015 with her partner Aurélie Verlhac, she set up the very first Triennale art nOmad – a traveling contemporary art triennale which lasts for the duration of her trip.

Born in 1980, MissV lives and works in Limoges. After 10 years of career in theater, she left everything to enter the École nationale supérieure d'art de Limoges and obtained her DNSEP in 2021. Trained in photography with Nicolas Treatt, Gérard Rondeau, Pierrot Men, Denis Dailleux, Sarah Duby, Philippe Bazin, she attaches particular importance to analog processes and the poetics of accident. She is developing work on the Phantom Image, and has been photographing since 2015 with Clément Delpérié for the [Just] Kids project. Her work has been presented at the Francophonies in Limousin, at the Maison François Méchain, at the Rencontres de la Jeune Photographie in Niort, at the Bains-Douche in Chauvigny, at the Cryogenics in Strasbourg, at the Tour de Bridiers de la Souterraine, at the Lycée Valin from La Rochelle.

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