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Artist Biography

“Buddhist Monk Robe” is a playful work playing with the robe of a monk thrown in the air. Graphic and plastic, it is research into both shapes and color.

Born in Takmao in 1993, he studied at Hun Sen High School in Takmao, then joined the IIC University in Phnom Penh where he graduates Bachelor Degree of IT Networking in 2018. He began photography from 2019 with a short Basic Photography Course at Professional Institution of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, then at the Studio Images of the French Institute before completing his training with a short course of Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, Computer Academy Step.

Since 2018 he has been working as a graphic designer for different companies, collaborating with marketing managers, both for messages for social networks and for printed promotional products.

Since 2022 he works for Worldbridge Trading Co.,Ltd where he creates visual concepts to communicate ideas, animation design for advertisement on social media, Design visuals for promotion, offline marketing materials and digital. Photograph any products for daily posts on social media, Deal with suppliers for checking materials and produce printing, creating designs either by hand or using computer software packages, and select color, images, text style and layout, working with marketing manager, digital, and operation team.

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